Booking Lweza Training & Conference Centre

Booking Guidelines

We thank you so much for choosing Lweza Training and Conference Centre (LTCC). We offer decent Accommodation, delicious Meals, Conference facilities and spacious Wedding Gardens with secure and ample parking space in a serene and Natural Environment.

As you take time to go through other information provided we request you to read through and take note of the following guidelines. Our friendly staff will be at hand to explain to you any of the points that you may need clarification on.

  1. You are required to fill a booking form provided to you. Please clearly indicate the booking requirements and personal details.
  2. Reservations for Organization bookings will be confirmed within two weeks on payment of 75% deposit of total Invoice. The final payment should be made by the end of your stay. Reservations for one-day bookings will be confirmed on payment of the total bill.
  3. Booking for Individual guests, Couples, Honeymooners etc will only be confirmed on cash payment of the total bill. Personal cheques are NOT accepted.
  4. In case you wish to cancel a confirmation booking, LTCC will refund your deposit. However 10% of the total bill will be retained.
  5. Charges on meals and accommodation will be based on the exact number of the guests expected or booked for the first two days.
  6. LTCC is a Christian founded organization. Guest are therefore not expected to consume alcoholic beverages within the premises.
  7. We request you to take note of the serving time for the various meals. Meals will not be served beyond the specified time unless there is a prior arrangement with the Front Office Desk Personnel.
  8. All resident guests are free to enjoy the comfort of the lounge. Using the lounge will only be chargeable when used for official functions or meetings.
  9. You are advised to bring your personal effects like toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shoe polish, phone chargers as we do not have an operational shop at the premises.

News & Current Activities

News Posted

The Bible Society Of Uganda Conference.

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African Regional Ministries Seminar

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Church of Uganda Provincial Secretariat Committee Meeting

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African Youth Leadership Workshop

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Ministry of Water and Environment Staff Retreat

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